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For those in waiting list, we will text you details soon for others  Please emai for more information casamalshi@protonmail.com

CasaMalshi Family



    Our primary girl who had been proven to deliver healthy happy beautiful puppies with perfect “Panda” look markings. 



Primary Boy in Casamalshi, we love his genetic quality that keeps our generations in the “small”  size of the average Maltese Shihtzu breed. 



New Girl on the block 😍 Lilly is looking for her first mating April of 2019. We are hoping to get variety of colours as well as   her genetically lush hair 

October 2018 Litters


Consistently tri colurs in brown or grayish shades. All have Panda Markings on their faces too. 

New Years 2019 litters


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Ozzy and Lilly plans to mate in April. That would brings July litters. No Deposit required just email your nama, address and mobile to : casamalshi@protonmail.com for detail 💙

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DOB 31/12/2018 Testimonials



Frankie is our girl DOB 31-12-2018 on new years eve. She is the love of Cormacks family now in Stretton QLD. She even have her InstaGram page @frankiecormack please follow her IG 😍



First born of the litter, strong and active personality. She is a girl but definitely a leader. Ruby is now a spoiled furgirl of  active life style couple, Dale and Clair .  The pic taken on first visit when Ruby was only 4 weeks old 🥰

July 2019 Litters 🤞


Waiting list Closed 🙏🙏🙏 

thank you all that are willing to wait 



Dino was handpick for Ms Trish that had been on our waiting list patiently for 4 months. She is looking for a gentle but playful companion.  Dino is a firfriend made in heaven for Trish . 



The smallest born girl with special bulls eye marking was named Evey becoz she was born in new years EVE (got it? 😂) She is active and love tummy rubs more than her sibblings. The pics was taken on their first visit when Evey was 4 weeks old. 



High energy boy, perfect for the active family like the Volgers of Sunshine Coast. Cookie is now loving his new adventure with them . 

Maltese Shih Tzu Specialist

About Us


 Registered Home Breeder Queensland  BIN  number  BIN0004680656000 

We are a husband and wife dog lovers that could not even imagine life without fury companion. After experencing all kind of dog breeds we decided to breed Maltese Shih Tzu cross, the perfect companion for us. Non shedding, non allergenic, loyal and not too barky fury friend that can live up to 15 years of age with little grooming needs and almost no Health problem. 

We started it with Ozy and Mimi. Together they made beautiful healthy and sound puppies that grow no bigger than 4 kg adult size. Always have that beautiful “panda” markings on the face in many colour combinations. 

They all live and raised in the house with us as a family member which will assure a good temparament with less barking and social with other pets. 



All of our puppies will go only to selected home. We apologize for long interveiew because we want to make sure our puppies wellbeing. All puppies will come with vet histrory, first vaccine C3, dewormed and microchipped  at 10 weeks of age. We also required owners to stay in touch with us and help with any questions needed. 

Stop dogs for sale scammers and Puppy Mills

Genuine Breeder in QLD MUST PROVIDE BIN number

And if you are a member if AAPBD also have a number

WHILE NUMBERS can be STOLEN from other advertisment, I STRONGLY SUGGEST BUYERS to MAKE TIME And check the number provided by Puppy Sellers as I found so many FAKE ONES as I checked.

1. BIN number, not matching with LOCATION, name and address of sellers

2. AAPBD number not match with location, name, phone numner, email address of sellers.

There is a LINK TO CHECK this registration nukbers of Breeder, BUYER PLEASE BE SMART and CHECKED BEFORE BUYING . If they don’t match with sellers info than its fake , they just stole it from other breeder advertising!

BIN number check link : https://qdbr.daf.qld.gov.au/supply-number-search/

AAPBD number check link : https://www.aapdb.com.au/find-a-breeder/

Also check Sellers Profile. Most ethical breeders only focus on one type of breed. If sellers offers multiple breeds BEWARE 

for the love of dog

Introducing Lilly


An addition to CasaMalshi girls, Lilly will give more colours to our family. Just like all our girls  and  boys, she had been DNA tested to be a mother. Lilly is “gold”   (in my word she is chocolate 😘)  


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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach to reserve your furever friend or if you have any questions. 

A non refundable deposit $500.00 to hold the puppy. 

All puppies comes with microchips, puppy starter pack, and Vet Book.